I am busy in my design studio but would love to answer any questions or comments you might have. Simply email me below!

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One thought on “Contact

  1. Loved Kevin Parker’s first birthday party!
    The banner was sooo good! It made me smile
    to know that you hand painted it. The doggie
    dishes with all the snacks were so cute & fun.
    All the tyed died colors just added to the fun too!
    The cake was amazing, especially since it’s the first
    one you decorated with fondant. You did a great job
    on it! Your design was adorable! I loved how the van
    came off to make a smash cake for Kevin Parker! He
    was so cute eating that cake! The food was fun & yummy
    thanks to hubby Kevin. It was a very relaxing & fun party.
    You did a great job!!

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