DIY: Birch Lane inspired Grantham Pendant Light

After many discussions between my husband and myself about needing a bedside light we finally agreed we did indeed need them. However, my only concern with them is that we have smaller nightstands. This is a HUGE problem for me because I don’t know how many times I have murdered an unsuspecting table lamp reaching to turn it on in my zombie-like state. My solution? Hanging pendants above each nightstand. I scoured the internet for inspiration and was inspired by Birch Lane’s Grantham Pendant Light for $169  (Picture below)



Getting Started -You can find all of these supplies at Lowes and Home Depot


Clear Glass Shade
Silver spray paint
4″ wooden table leg
Keyless Light Socket
Swag Light Kit
2 Pack of threaded rods (next to the swag light kits in the lighting section) ( *You may have to cut off the end a little to make it the right length)
Apollo 1/2″ Pex Tubing
Blue Hawk 15ft Weldless Silver Steel Chain
Natural twisted Jute 190ft pack
Large washer (that will allow for your threaded rod to move through the center)
white and gray/taupe craft paint


Spray bottle filled with water
paper and painter’s tape (you can also use masking tape)
craft paint brushes
plastic cup or bowl (used for the craft paints)
drill and bits
hot glue gun and glue sticks

step 1

Creating a mercury glass effect: Turn your pendant shade upside down (on a protected surface preferably outside). Wrap the outside of the shade with paper attaching it to the rim with painter’s tape (as seen below). This will protect the outside from any over spray. Next, spray a mist of water on the inside of your shade. Whilst wet spray a light coat of silver spray paint. Let it dry and then repeat this step 3-5 times until you’re satisfied with the coverage. (TIP: If you want to invest a little more you can add warmth by alternating with gold spray paint. You can also give an aged effect if you add one very light mist of bronze spray paint. However, remember to always spray a mist of water before paint. This is what gives the mercury glass effect.)

While painting you will also want to spray paint the rod cap that came with your light socket.

step 2

Wood Table Leg: First, remove the dowel rod that came already in your wood table leg with pliers. Next, measure the diameter of the 6″ threaded rods you purchased. Choose a drill bit just big enough that the rod could slide through the hole. Then drill a hole through the center of your wood leg.

Now that your shade is dry remove tape/paper. Sit your table leg with the wide end up. Keeping your pendant shade upside down, hold it on top of the table leg and center it. Still holding it, take a pencil and trace around the outer and inner rim on the wood leg, and then remove the shade. This creates a template for you to use your router on your wood leg. By doing this it will allow the shade to sit up in the wooden leg.

Clamp your wood table leg so it doesn’t move on you (use and old rag to wrap around leg so the clamp doesn’t damage the leg). Use a small bit for your router and carve out your template, as picture below, but please excuse my lack of routing skills :/

Paint your wood leg with the two washes we’re going to make. First a white wash (create by using craft paint in a throw away bowl or cup and mix with water until you get the thickness consistency of milk). Paint the white wash all over. Once dry wipe away the parts of the leg that protrude outward with a wet paper towel. Then make a gray/taupe wash the same way you did with the white paint. Paint the gray wash anywhere you wiped away the white wash. Keep playing until you get a distressed look you are happy with.

step 3

Pex Pipe: Decide on low you want your pendant to hang and cut your chain accordingly. Whatever length you decide cut your Pex pipe (they will cut your pipe in Lowes and Home Depot for you) so that one link of your chain will stick out the top and bottom of your pipe. Once it is all cut, go ahead and run both your chain and your power cord (that came in your swag kit) through your Pex pipe. (TIP: You can use one link from your swag kit chain to attach to the top of your chain in your Pex pipe. This will not only keep your chain from sliding through your Pex pipe but it will also be roomy enough for your ceiling hook to fit through) Now attach your rod cap (that came with your socket) to the bottom link of your chain and run your power cord through the center.

Grab your roll of Jute and tie a knot on the first small link of chain at the top of your Pex pipe. Now, hot glue a half inch vertical line at the top of your Pex pipe moving downward (as seen below). While it’s still hot, quickly wrap your jute around the Pex pipe until all the glue is covered (keeping it pulled taunt). Continue gluing and wrapping your pipe all the way down to the bottom working in half inch or one inch sections (so the glue doesn’t dry on you before you can get to it). Once you make it to the bottom, simply cute the jute and glue down the end piece. Tuck the knot you started with up at top down inside the pipe, so it isn’t visible.

step 4

Assembly: Finish assembling in this order. Run the end of your power cord that is sticking out the bottom of your pipe, through your threaded rod. Next run them both (power cord and rod) through your wood leg, then through your glass pendant shade, then your large washer. Now take off the steel top to your light socket. Slide your power cord through your steel top and twist it on to the bottom of the threaded rod. (ALWAYS FOLLOW DIRECTIONS THAT COME WITH THE PRODUCTS AND ALWAYS TURN OFF ANY POWER BEFORE WORKING ON ANYTHING ELECTRICAL) Connect your power cord to the socket and screw it closed to its steel top. Now moving everything upward as far as will go twist the top of the threaded rod up into the rod cap (this is what holds everything together). The swag kit also comes with a switch you can install on the power cord (this is optional).


Lastly, hang your pendant using the ceiling hook that came in your swag kit and Enjoy!


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