Vintage Bar Cart gets new life in the New Year!

Hey there, to all y’all visiting for the first time, and welcome back to all those still hanging in there with me! I don’t know about you but it’s been a crazy start to this year. (Psst!…Between you and me my Christmas tree may or may not be still standing in the corner like a shy wallflower leftover from a Stephen Chbosky novel.) Anyways, I meant to post this project slightly sooner, but alas, here we are….So, tardiness aside I’m really eager to share this with you! What started out with a visit to my sister’s house in Nashville ended up materializing into yet another fun an unexpected projected. She expressed to me there before Christmas how she had wanted a plant stand or bar cart in brass for her dining room. I automatically thought to myself, I know what I’m getting you for Christmas.


At first I looked online but everything of interest was tied up in a evil bidding war. I checked around town in some of my fav vintage/antique spots, but nothing. So, I checked one of my other fishing holes aka Craigslist and this time caught a whopper! I found an awesome vintage tea cart for only $20! Imagine my excitement when the day before I had seen one just like it, except completely rusted over, yet the place (who shall remain nameless) wanted $99 (Tisk, tisk). The one I found was in excellent condition and needed minimal work on my end. I only had to sand down a rough patch here or there, clean it, and paint. I primed it first using a primer paint that would adhere to metal and of course would prevent future rust from occurring. Secondly, I applied two coats of a metal-friendly paint in brass. Then I went over it with a durable polyurethane three times.It was certainly shaping up by this point but I didn’t care for how the two grated shelves looked together. So, I went to the
local glass company and had them cut down a mirror to rest upon the top shelf, giving it a more streamline look, hopefully worthy of any Gatsby party. I also went with the thickest mirrored glass they had because we all know how we tend to sit things down a little harder after too much of the ol’ drinky drinky 😉 They even rounded the corners off and did it all for $15! I was super impressed with them and the mirror fit in the shelf like a glove. With everything I invested my total came to just under $50.
Christmas came and went and my sister and her husband weren’t able to make it to my parents house until around new years. Then we were finally able to give it to them. You have no idea how hard it was for me to wait, lol. I’m seriously such a kid when it comes to giving gifts. Especially gifts I’ve made because they come from such a place of love. To wrap things up though, I think they were truly surprised and really loved it.  We even got to use it for our drinks at our New Year’s Eve party, and I’m honored that it now graces their dining room.
I hope this inspires you to try upcycling your own bar cart. It’s a great functional and aesthetic piece, perfect for any party.  If you’d like to comment on this post or share a project of your own, I’d  love to hear from you! Just click on the thought bubble icon next to the post title and drop a line. I Look forward to hearing from you, until next time….sign-off-2

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