champagne + berries: Christmas traditions

Greetings instafriends!,

As you know the magical season of Christmas is upon us. Over the years there have been many family traditions including adding festive touches all around our homes. We do it in celebration and why shouldn’t we? Well over 2,000 years ago a very special baby boy made His way into this world and changed us all forever! Since this is the most amazing thing we will ever celebrate we best do it up right! So, inspired by this essentially over the top birthday party I have cultivated a look that balances glamour and earthy. My inspiration came from, if you hadn’t already guessed it by the post title, a glass of champagne and sparkling berries . This look is not only about this joyous color palette but also plays with textures and of course details. Plus, it’s fun! So, have fun and try it for yourself! Play around with shimmery champagne pieces (I’ve seen quite a variety in stores this season. Everything from tree skirts, to tensile, to sculptures and even some pretty table settings) and simply add hints of berries and other natural fibers (burlap and linens are lovely). Remember, to keep it simple, always pairing the sparkle with something natural. 

One of our special family traditions is to read the classic, The Night Before Christmas. Pictured here is a pop-up book version of the tale that came out when I was a child and my mama always read it to my siblings and I. I now get to share this with my own little family.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I take great joy in wishing you, from our family to yours, a very merry Christmas!

Thank you to mama’s little helper, I couldn’t have done it without you!




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