Feature: Britt Shelton + A Taylor Grönkvist //DIY Industrial Bookshelf

DIY project
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Hi there!
My husband and I recently moved from a one-bedroom apartment into a 1930’s bungalow in Nashville. We loved our first little place, but let’s be real, this extra square footage is what dreams are made of.
But what we didn’t realize was how little furniture we had once our few belongings had been unpacked— our poor new space was barren, much like our bank accounts.
While I appreciate resourcefulness, stacked books as end tables just doesn’t work for anybody. Especially when you like to read said books.
We needed to acquire some shelves, and fast. With a very tiny budget, creativity became our new best friend.
Building your own bookshelf sounds terrifying, but it’s actually pretty easy — at least I’m assuming it is. My husband basically made this, I just dictated 😉
Feel free to modify depending on your space.
Once you’re done, grab a cold one, watch some “Game of Thrones” and pat yourself on the back for giving your books a new home.

For this project we used:
~5 Pine wood planks (size based on your space)

~(10 qty 8″ long)(2 qty 12″ long) pieces of 3/4 Black metal pipes from Home Depot (they cut it there), again size depending on preference. Although I would suggest making sure they’ll keep the shelves far enough apart to fit your biggest books.

~8 qty 1 1/2″ nipples

~16 couplings

~4 flanges

~Stain & polyurethane

~Drill (match bit up to the width of the pipe size)

We decided to use a lower grade wood because of our budget, but if you prefer higher quality, have at it!
This project requires a little bit of planning to ensure that the pipes match up, otherwise you’ll end up reassembling it fifty times (like we did).
*Also, keep in mind that this isn’t a stand alone bookshelf, it must be mounted to a wall or ceiling.
After drilling holes on either side of the wood planks— equal distance from the edge — sand and stain that baby.
Now take a Netflix break while those things dry.
Ok, we’re back. Assemble the pipes while threading them through the wood. It’s sort of like Lego’s, but way more evil. This will probably require two people, so grab your man, woman or a neighbor. Between each shelf is an 8″ piece of pipe, into a coupling, then a nipple (sized to thickness of board + 1/2″ for coupling to fit snug), and another coupling.
Use a stud-finder to mount the shelf to the wall. Connecting to the wall and floor using flanges. Then the fun part comes — decorate! Grab all those books, vinyls and knickknacks and go to town.
Enjoy!photo 1-61photo 2-54photo 3-49photo 5-27

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