How to get a chic sink!

So, you walk into your bathroom looking around and although the decor is indeed lovely, it happens. WAHBAM! You’re temporarily blinded! No, not by SCIENCE, but by your unsightly old vanity. It’s a doozy too with it’s outdated faucet, finish, and lack of hardware.   It’s enough to send anyone running. Ah but what to do? You don’t have the money right now to sink into a new sink!!! Relax, I’ve got ya covered.
What you will need:
Sandpaper 100 or 220 grit/Purdy paint brush/Primer paint/Paint in either Sherwin Williams Black bean or Dove gray/1 can of spray paint for metals in a brushed nickel/Water-based poly/Foam brush/Inexpensive faucet $20-$30 range in a brushed nickel finish/Hardware in brushed nickel in the $1-$2 range (this is optional if you don’t have hardware and you will need a drill)/car wax/screwdriver  *Reminder-Always wear protective eyewear and masks when dealing with paint/poly. Warning: Some old paint may contain lead. So, if your vanity has been painted do some research to make sure it’s safe to work on.


Let’s rock this: Begin by removing any drawers and any hardware/hinges off the drawers and cabinet doors. Remove the old faucet and pitch that sucka in the trash. Sand the entire exterior front and two sides of your wood vanity just enough for the paint to grab hold of. Sand the front sides of the drawers and cabinet doors.


Paint it up: Using your Purdy paint brush paint the front and two exterior sides of the vanity cabinet along with the exteriors of the drawers and cabinet doors. While thats drying take your old hinges, screws and hardware (if you have any) and lay them out on some old newspapers. Spray them with spray paint you bought specially formulated for metal application. This will give them an updated brushed nickel appearance. You will want to give them 2 thin coats and allow for drying in between. Now that your primer on your vanity, drawers and doors is dry, paint over the primer with the Sherwin Williams hue you selected. Be careful to catch any paint runs while it’s still wet with your brush. Let that dry and paint a second coat of the color. Let that dry.


Poly: With your cheap little foam brush go ahead and apply a thin coat of poly over your paint job. follow the directions for drying times and the recommendation for the amount of coats to apply.


Hardware (optional): If you are adding hardware measure and find the center of your drawer and make a mark with a pencil. Use a drill bit that is one to two sizes bigger in diameter than the screw that comes with your hardware. This will allow the shaft of the screw to easily pass through and still be small enough that the head of the screw cannot. ( Sometimes the drawers are thicker than the cabinet doors and the screws that come with the hardware aren’t long enough. No need to panic though because they sell longer ones at your local hardware store. This is a common problem.) Now that you have measured you will drill your hole and screw on your new hardware. Super easy! As for the cabinet doors obviously you want the handle on the upper corner of the opposite side of the hinges. (I usually measure down 3″ from the top for my knobs.)


Final touches: To perk up that old vanity top use a little carwax on it and buff it afterwards. It will bring back some of the shine and help fill in any light surface scratches. All that’s left to do is screw your hinges and doors back on, put your drawers back in, and finally install your new faucet. Remember, take your time with this and you will achieve a high end look for very little green.


Below are some before and after pics of a bathroom vanity I just reloved. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!

Sign Off 2

Before sinkAfter sinkV3



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