Turn College Woes into College Whoas!!!! -furnishing your college dorm/apt on a budget

Fall is here and we all know what that means for all y’all college freshman. You’ve said goodbye to mama and daddy as you settle into your new living quarters and met your new roommates.  As you gaze around your new place of residence, staring at the generic off white walls, you realize how much you already miss being back home.  To top it off you’ve watched the roomies trying to figure out how many milk crates they need to make a coffee/dinner table for the cold pizza to rest upon. It’s a stressful process and one way to ease the transition is to create an environment that puts the “home” in, a home away from home. I can show you how to do this without breaking the already strained bank account. What if I told you, you can have an amazing room for under $500? A living/common room that you can feel so comfortable in you might actually want to study. Well, you can and here is how.

Calm and Neutral

Room under $500 copy

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  1. West Elm Cotton Canvas Curtain-Light Flax

  2. World Market Huckleberry Art Nouveau Chenille Throw Pillow (Elegant throw pillows add texture & intrigue to this restful palette)

  3. Craigslist floral sofa (You can find great sofas locally that a little upholstery cleaner will make like new)

  4. Safavief Vintage Stone Viscose Rug 4’x 5’7″ (Area rugs create a conversation between the furniture, and evoke warmth and comfort)

  5. Craigslist Mid Century Dark Walnut Inlay Cocktail & End Tables (This is a great resource to find beautiful affordable solid hardwood pieces and sturdy construction-don’t waste money on junk furniture that will break or chip and won’t make it until next semester 😉 )

  6. Target Double Gourd Lamp Base in Shell (Choose fixtures with interesting shapes & keep in mind the scale of them in relation to the furniture)

  7. Target Room Essentials Thin Profile frame 5×5 mat (Put those awesome instagram photos to use! Frame your favs of your all your “frans”, places, & the family your missing back home. This way, it will feel like they are always with you.)

  8. Target Threshold Herringbone Lamp Shade (Again, play with textures and remember the shape of your shades should compliment the fixture.)

Lively Hues

Room under $500 B

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  1. Sherwin Williams -Heart of Psalms (Fun and Vibrant color that will make you want to get motivated! -You will need all the energy you can get come midterms)

  2. Home Goods Laser cut Lamp shade and brushed nickel fixture (This drum lamp shade is both trendy & exciting. It also provides adequate lighting for reading all of those textbooks!)

  3. Craigslist Solid Maple cocktail and end tables (These French tables add a touch of glam with their curved lines. Again, go for solid hardwood pieces over junk and get more bang for your buck.)

  4. Craigslist Contemporary Sofa in Baby Blue (This piece has great lines, and deep seating for all of those late night study sessions.

  5. TJ Maxx Throw pillows (Pillows can be a great way to add a punch of color or textures to a room.)

  6. Walmart bookshelf in white (Is a great functional way to add storage for all of your textbooks and school supplies.)

  7. Home Goods Framed Graphic Bird Pictures (Fun, Bold art can create a focal point and marry together your color palette.)


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